Cool Zone Provided Misting Fans to Super Bowl in Los Angeles

Cool Zone was the first Company to place a “Misting Fan” on an NFL sideline way back in 1993. It also was the first Company to place its “Misting Fans” on the sideline NFL sideline at a Super Bowl and a Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Cool Zone setup its “Misting Fans” on January 31, 1993, twenty-nine years ago today at the last Super Bowl in Los Angeles. Cool Zone Misting Fans were located on the sidelines for both the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills. The mist was operational on the Misting Fans for the Buffalo Bills during the first quarter of the game. However, both teams used the fans during the entire Super Bowl.

Until 2022, this Super Bowl was the last Super Bowl held in Los Angeles. The Super Bowl took place at the Rose Bowl and OJ Simpson was one of the broadcasters walking around the field exclaiming to everyone “If the actual Super Bowl game is half as good the hype before the game, the Super Bowl will be fantastic.” There were young cheerleaders released on the field before half time, Chris Miehl of Cool Zone remembers standing next to a cheerleader whose face turned to Niagra Falls when Garth Brooks took the field. The half time show was amazing with Michael Jackson dazzling the 90,000 fans at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Los Angeles Super Bowl

The Super Bowl started competitive with the Bills starting off with a 7-0 lead with the Cowboys scoring the next fourteen points before the Bills brought the ball to the one-yard line in the in the second quarter. But as Jim Kelly tried to tie the game with The QB sneak but was unsuccessful and injured on the play. Frank Reich came in to replace him, but the momentum went over to the Cowboys as they won 52-17. A highlight for the Bills was when the White Flash, Don Beebe, knocked the ball out of the hands of Leon Lett as he about to score a touchdown, a lesson in tenacity.

In 2022, the Super Bowl returns to Los Angeles at the new Sofi Stadium located in the downtown region the Forum. The four teams playing this weekend for the privilege of playing in the big game are home field advantage Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs won their playoff game in overtime last week beating the Buffalo Bills in game that saw the lead change five times in last two minutes of the game.

Los Angeles Super Bowl Los Angeles Super Bowl

The Cool Zone Misting Fans started a new trend where all NFL teams and most NCAA football team have both cooling and heating systems for their sideline. Cool Zone is proud to be the first Company to place “Misting Fan” on an NFL sideline and the first Company to place sideline cooling system mist fans on Super Bowl sideline.