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Industrial Misting

From the outdoor restaurant patio to heat producing factories and dust laden sites, Cool Zone™ customizes solutions to reduce heat while suppressing dust. Our systems are just as effective when dry air needs a boost, because our systems can provide the right amount of humidity. This makes our systems ideal for humidification in greenhouses, packing facilities, paper mills, transfer stations, power generation stations, breweries and wine cellars.

Industrial Products and Applications

HEAT REDUCTION: Cool Zone systems reduce the temperature from the heat of a sunny day to the sweltering heat inside a factory.

DUST SUPPRESSION: Cool Zone’s ultra fine mist traps dust without wetting materials on the ground.  Some applications include:

  • Reduction of particles in a paper mill
  • Natural dust in any environment
  • Cattle farms and ranches
  • Racetracks

ODOR NEUTRALIZATION: Anywhere that odor is a problem, Cool Zone can provide a low-cost, low maintenance solution. Our system is programmable for up to 24 hours, and the non-electric, proportional injector accurately delivers natural neutralizers at the required rate.

HUMIDITY MANAGEMENT: Cool Zone has designed, provided and installed sophisticated humidification system at Fortune 500 companies to keep vendor’s products from damage.  This can mean the difference between excessive product waste versus cost-effective preservation.  Some applications include proper humidity level for:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Produce
  • Wine and beer

CLIMATE CONTROL: Create nearly ideal greenhouse conditions with Cool Zone.  Along with reduced heat and increased humidity, there is less need for shading, increasing light levels and quality.

TRANSFORMER COOLING: Cool Zone’s high pressure systems have proven results bringing down the oil pan temperatures inside the transformer station, without any wetness buildup or need to remove toxic water.

A/C PRE-COOLING: Cool Zone’s pre-cooling system makes an air-conditioned unit operate more efficiently saving $$$ on the electrical bill for residential, commercial or industrial applicants. By lowering the head pressure, Cool Zone’s compressor uses up to 20% less electrical power. Reducing usage during high-tariff periods can significantly slash those large electrical bills.  The data provided by Cool Zone helps you calculate how lowering the operating temperature will increase cooling and efficiency – and reduce your operating costs.