Rental: 15′ x 15′ High Pressure Misting Inflatable

Cool Zone™ sells and makes a wide variety of High-Pressure Misting Systems. They come in all shapes and sizes only limited by the imagination.

Ever since Cool Zone placed its 25′ x 25′ x 12′ Misting Inflatable for Budweiser and Coca Cola at World Cup events, the world had experienced the refreshing experience of Cool Zone misting inflatables.

Depending on the size the high pressure nozzles are located throughout the Misting Inflatable on its legs and overhead cooling down the patrons.


Need cooling off your patrons at an event or just in your backyard, give this high-pressure missing system installed in an inflatable a shot.

These High-Pressure Inflatable Misters have been rented at numerous large events including by the San Antonio Spurs, X-Games, World Cup, Coca-Cola and Budweiser.

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