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Misting Fans and Misting Systems

COOL ZONE Misting Systems and Fans for Sales, Rent & Installation

misting fans & systems
Misting Fans

Cool Zone Misting Fans offer evaporative cooling and drop the temperature as much as 30 degrees.

misting fans & systems
Misting Systems

Misting systems, like misting fans, offer evaporative cooling through high-pressure misting.

coolzone sports misting fans
Sports Misting Fans

Sport Misting Fans have made sidelines comfortable at football games, soccer games and in the dugout.

coolzone sports misting fans

Misting Inflatables & Tents

Cool Zone™ designs, sells, assembles and designs misting tents, trailers and inflatables in a variety of sizes.

coolzone sports misting fans

Misting Rentals

Renting Cool Zone™ Misting and Heating Systems will bring ‘relief from the heat’ at hot and uncomfortable events.

coolzone sports misting fans

Industrial Misting

Temperature control in situations where cooling is essential such as manufacturing or municipal applications.

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Cool ZoneTM

Misting Fans and Misting Systems

Cool Zone provides solutions for all your cooling and heating needs regardless of the application! Cool Zone has consistently provided excellent services to its sports, industrial, military, commercial and residential customers since 1993. Cool Zone’s solutions are customized for each Client’s needs, providing a unique, practical, price-efficient and commercially viable solution.

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