Festival and Fair Misting

There is nothing worse than being outside in the blazing heat all day without any shade or a way to stay cool. Especially when you are at an event. High temperatures coupled with a long period of exerting energy is dangerous for people of all ages. As an event attendee, you do not want to have to worry about staying cool and hydrated while trying to get front row to see your favorite band. But as an event host, you want to make sure that all your guests and employees have a way to stay cool and escape from the effects of the excruciating heat. That is where special event misting systems can help.

Creating Cool Zones with Event Misting

Adding some strategically placed event misting cooling zones to your event’s lineup can help you avoid some of the liabilities that arise during summer festivals. These types of areas create a cooler surrounding temperature and often include shade to give festival attendees relief from the heat. This will keep energy and body temperature levels sustained while adding to the overall ambience of the venue layout.

One of the most popular examples of event misting in its prime is at Coachella where guests can enjoy music in a misting system equipped open air tent. This past year, the Coachella Valley Music Festival went even further to install additional shaded areas dispersed throughout the venue. This gave attendees more than one place to escape the desert sun.

A less traditional approach to adding event misting is through an art installation that incorporates a mist fogging system. Kind of like the one we helped Incendiary install on one of their art installations that rotated throughout several different summer music festivals. This type of event misting combines both art and comfort. Mystifying audiences while also working to cool its surrounding area.

Incorporating Event Misting

Before planning the layout of your next outdoor event, consider how you can incorporate event misting into the venue. In the long run, this will help to minimize the potentially harmful effects of heat stroke. It can also be a cool new way to add some shade to the equation. Cool Zone dynamic designs team along with our misting engineers thrive in situations where they can come up with different applications for their misting products. Please call one of our misting experts to see how we can help you design and incorporate event misting into your next outdoor event.