High Pressure Misting Fans

Cool Zone High Pressure misting fans can cool an area without leaving any residual moisture in the air, using a process called ‘flash-evaporation’. Cool Zone builds, sells, and installs high-pressure misting fans that combine the air aspiration of a commercial fan with the ultra-fine mist from a high-pressure pump, operating at 1000 psi. This combination of aspirated air and high-pressure fog allows for this flash evaporation, resulting in a drop in temperature of up to 30 degrees without wetness. Although Cool Zone High Pressure Misting Fans work best in low humidity environments, they are still effective in high humidity environments.

Stainless steel misting rings are first attached on the front of Cool Zone’s High-Pressure Misting Fans. The misting fans are then connected by lead lines to high-pressure misting pumps. Each pump can operate multiple misting fans at the same time.

Cool Zone Misting Fans are engineered for quality, durability, and output. The company offers a variety of stand-alone misting fans and high-pressure misting fans that have water tanks for total mobility. Cool Zone Misting Fans are configured to operate as fully contained standalone cooling units..Its high-pressure misting fans were the very first sideline fans used by NFL and NCAA football teams.

High pressure misting cooling fans, developed by Cool Zone, have also become an extremely popular lifestyle solution for cooling in the residential market.

Ascetically pleasing, with multiple fan colors and sizes available, these high-pressure misting fan can lower the temperature in it outdoor misting range up to 30 degrees

Cool Zone has made purchasing a high-pressure misting fans remarkably simple by creating packages sold directly on the Cool Zone’s website or by calling to discuss your purchase options with a Cool Zone Misting Fan expert at 951-587-2460.