Business Misting Systems

Business Misting

Business Misting

Cool Zone realizes that your business is the lifeline of your existence. Your business provides for your families, your company’s employees, and your local community and even the whole country. Competition is fierce and it is essential to use the highest quality products or services that are in demand, not only satisfy customers but sustain necessary operations and delivery systems. Cool Zone misting systems provide a large diverse array of residential, military, commercial and industrial with cooling misting system solutions to your cooling problems that save your organization time and money.

Cool Zone Humidification Misting

Cool Zone has installed many applications where environmental control is highly monitored, managed, and where an increase in humidity is necessary, Cool Zone offers a large variety of custom designs. Cool Zone design, builds and installs high-pressure misting systems that can provide humidity, that control the level of humidity over in small and large factory environments. Cool Zone high-pressure misting systems are customized for each application and operate seamlessly with existing control systems.

Cool Zone Dust Control Misting

Cool Zone staff realizes that dust is a primary cause of environmental pollutants, dust from material processing operations, manufacturing facilities or industrial workplaces or outside dust can cause severe damage to both the environment and the employees on site. Cool Zone high-pressure misting systems have the capacity to clean the facility or outdoor area of unwanted particulates to ensure a safe working area. In short it is cleaning these areas can protect against adverse medical issues as well as allow for increased processing output. High-Pressure droplets combine with dust and expediently capturing unwanted debris and pulling it out of the environment and dropping it to the ground or surrounding area. A Cool Zone misting system designed and installed to eliminate dust from the target site provides a scalable, cost-effective. And easy to use solution for recycling, industrial, commercial, and manufacturing indoor and outdoor facilities.

Cool Zone Odor Suppression Misting

In the 2020s. Cool Zone realizes that air and odor management is an issue for industries for a variety of different industries. with cannabis cultivation. The Companies involved in different industries that has dust issues have rules and regulations that must be met to remain in operation and to avoid hefty penalties from OSHA or other organizations. Cool Zone can solve the customer’s issues when you have an odor control issue, Contact the experts at Cool Zone to discuss your odor control misting issues.

Types of Commercial/Industrial Misting Systems:

  • Humidification Misting
  • Dust Control Misting
  • Odor Suppression Misting
  • Restaurant Misting
  • Speciality Misting (Theme Park, Farming, Special Effects, etc.)