Patio Misting Systems

A patio misting system can be a great addition to any commercial or residential setting. Since 1993, Cool Zone has been providing customized solutions for a wide range of applications. We have served the sporting industry and business sectors. Now we provide patio water misting systems for restaurants, hotels/resorts, golf clubs, theme parks, and even homeowners who want to keep their patios cool and refreshing.

Our product line includes high pressure misting systems such as a 1,000 PSI nylon misting kit, a stainless-steel quiet pump misting kit, and an enclosed pump misting system. Options for the high-pressure systems include the Scale X filter that prevents calcium-carbonate buildup, which can reduce maintenance. A low-pressure switch, to prevent the pump from activating if the water supply is turned off, can also be included.

Mid-pressure commercial patio misters are available as well. These include a 300 PSI nylon or stainless-steel system. With each of our patio misters, you can select from a range of lengths. Each kit also includes the components needed to anchor and secure the misting system.

Custom Misting Systems Matched with Your Needs

Our misters provide relief from heat in a variety of settings. They can keep restaurant patrons comfortable and make a hot day pleasant whether at an outdoor café, a pool deck, or in your backyard. We’ve produced large-scale misting systems that accommodate industrial and military applications, as well as critical installations at sports venues for keeping equipment, athletes, and personnel cool.

The same technology can be used on your patio but on a smaller scale. We offer permanent installations sized to the requirements of your home or business. They provide more coverage than our portable misting fans and allow you to transform the environment of your patio, so it becomes a haven for your family and guests even on hot, humid days.

Order Your Patio Misting System Today

Cool Zone has become well known in the misting industry. Browse our catalog of the best misters for patio use, sized according to the coverage you need. Whether it’s to keep guests at a hotel or water park cool, make your restaurant patio more comfortable, or transform your home patio, we have a misting system that can be customized to your needs. Make your purchase today with secure online ordering. Or call Cool Zone at 949-500-9390 to learn more or receive assistance selecting and customizing our home or commercial patio misters.