Overhead Misting Fans

Cool Zone carries a wide range of outdoor misting fans includes both humidification and cooling/misting fans designed to achieve uniformed distribution of the mist and improved absorption of moisture. Cool Zone Overhead Misting Fans are made to be used with high-pressure 1,000 psi pump to achieve ideal performance. However, in the correct circumstances these misting fans can be used in conjunction with a 300-psi misting pump.

Cool Zone offers a great selection of overhead misting fans including the brush brown metallic overhead misting fan, the Centralist line of overhead misting fans and the Windchill patio cooling fan; the Revolution and Revolution II humidification fan; and the Evolution and Evolution Mini humidification fan.

Cone Zone also carries The Windchill and the Centramist that are designed as a patio cooling fan. These are mounted to the ceiling as a typical patio fan and is designed for commercial, residential, or industrial cooling applications. The Revolution includes a 2100 CFM humidification misting fan that can disperse the mist up to 30′ from the fan making it capable of covering up to 3600 square feet. It is available as a ceiling mount or with a portable stand.

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