Misting Fans

Cool Zone Misting fans offer evaporative cooling and drop the temperature as much as 30 degrees. These Cool Zone Misting Fans are built to be strictly high-pressure units operating at 1000 psi. These Misting Fans are an ideal solution when you need to move air as well.

Misting Fans can be portable misting system solution or part of a permanent installation.

On the field or in the pits, Cool Zone™ is in play. Cool Zone has been the choice of a variety of venues including the Super Bowl, NASCAR and the World Cup. Our systems have also been used for football, NASCAR, special events, other athletic applications, motor sports and more. Cool Zone Misting Fans keep personnel along with sophisticated machinery cool, without wetness build-up. Cool Zone is the leading supplier and/or manufacturer of high-pressure misting fans. Cool Zone offers a wide selection of high-pressure misting fans to meet any high end residential, commercial or industrial applications. Cool Zone supplies both portable misting fans along with a full line of wall mounted misting fans.