Cool Zone Dust Suppression Misting

Cool Zone uses high pressure misting systems to implement an effective solution for dust suppression. Cool Zone High-Pressure Stainless Steel Line systems and Misting Fans designed to attract dust particles and prevent them from being airborne by dropping them to the ground.

Small and large dust particles decrease health environments for employees in industrial and plant environments. Dust particles also have an adverse impact on machinery and equipment and be a major issue to your neighbors or community.  Both OSHA and the EPA have concerns with smaller dust particles that are likely responsible for adverse health effects because of their ability to reach the lower regions of the respiratory tract. Cool Zone misting systems can neutralize this risk to employees and neighbor’s health and welfare.

Cool Zone high-pressure dust suppression misting systems are custom-designed and engineered to exceed the EPA PM 10 standards for dust suppression solutions. Cool Zone high pressure misting systems produce 10-micron water droplets that attract, suppress, and remove fugitive dust particles through the process of agglomeration. The dust particles will drop harmlessly from the air without wetting the area. Cool Zone high-pressure stainless-steel mist system with custom spacing and nozzle size effectively suppress dust particles to meet the needs of any application, assuring continuous compliance with existing health regulations.
Cool Zone has the skills, expertise, and experience to design, build and install your high-pressure misting system for dust suppression misting.

Some of the industries we have worked in include mining, land and construction development, lumber and grain processing facilities, conveyor belt drops points, fiberglass production, cutting, grinding, and sanding facilities and waste transfer plants.