Custom Commercial and Residential Misting Systems

Cool Zone Inflatable Misting system
Cool Zone Inflatable Misting system

Cool Zone provides custom misting systems for a wide variety of applications. From industrial dust control misting systems to commercial misting systems that provide comfort and cooling, our equipment can accommodate many different requirements. We have served commercial, residential, industrial, and military customers since 1993, so we are able to provide practical, unique, and affordable solutions designed to meet specific needs. We believe one size does not fit all, so we design each misting system according to the customer’s specific needs and environment.

Commercial Misting Systems

Our misting systems are used by virtually every type of business. They are found in retail stores of all sizes, while a restaurant misting system can help keep patrons cool and comfortable to improve the dining experience. In sports venues, they keep personnel, athletes, and equipment cool, especially in football and NASCAR.

Commercial misters also have various applications in theme parks, animal shelters, zoos, greenhouses, golf clubs, equestrian centers, dairy farms, and festivals. We offer different types of misting fans, pumps, tents, walls, and structures depending on the application.

Hospitality Heating and Cooling Systems

From boutique hotels to large resorts, guests’ comfort is of utmost importance. We offer high-pressure misters to keep air at a comfortable temperature while minimizing energy consumption. Misting systems may be used in lounging, dining, and pool areas, whether to provide comfort, a creative experience, or both.

Our misting fans may also be used in schools, daycare centers, playgrounds, and any facility that serves the public. In addition, we offer various advanced heating systems for when environmental conditions are cooler.

Residential Misting Systems

Installing a misting system at home, work or play means not settling for a low-end system. We offer high-quality equipment at competitive prices that can cool your patio and make your outdoor living space a haven. Enjoy relief from the sun and heat with your entire family.

Our products include simple portable misting fans, misting systems, misting tents and patio misting kits that let you easily install and integrate the system into your home. We can accommodate any outdoor living area and provide a misting system that lasts for many years, so your investment will be well worth it.

Installing Your Personal Misting System

To meet your specific needs, we offer everything from high-pressure to mid-pressure to low-pressure misting systems, overhead misting fans, different types of misting tees and nozzles, and even misting fan rentals to accommodate backyard gatherings such as a party.

You probably do not need an industrial-sized misting system at home. We can provide the perfectly sized system even if it is just a residential misting fan for yourself. Our personal misting equipment is safe and effective, allowing you to feel refreshed outside—even on a hot summer afternoon!

Contact Cool Zone for Custom Misting Systems

We provide residential, industrial, and commercial misting systems for your patio, facility or restaurant customized to meet your specific application requirements. Shop for misting fans, systems, tents, and inflatables and cooling fans in our catalog as well as industrial misting, patio misting, and heating systems. For more information, call 949-500-9390 or submit our Contact Us Form and we’ll be glad to help.

Features & Benefits:

  • Our nozzles produce the finest mist so they are more effective than simple atomizing technology. Operational costs are substantially lower than bag houses.
  • Units draw from a fresh water supply; eliminating health and safety concerns common to “Swamp Coolers.”
  • Static line systems (stainless steel and nylon) offer fan-free operation. Great for outdoor cooling, as well as for certain dust and odor concerns. Static line misting systems can be engineered to do the job without failure.

High Pressure Systems (1000 PSI)

  • Stainless Steel Line
  • Nylon Static Line
  • Direct Drive Pump with Enclosure Option
  • Pulley Driven Quiet Pump

Mid-Pressure Systems (300 PSI)

  • Stainless Steel
  • Nylon Static Line