Cool Zone Theme Park Misting

The most successful theme parks are incorporating misting systems into their recreational areas like queue lines, dining areas, and rest spots. Adults and children can relax in a veil of soothing mist while they gear up for the next ride or adventure. Adding theme park misting contributes to the bottom line by keeping guests happy. Happy guests are more likely to return, and may even become season ticket purchasers, leading to increased revenue.

In 1995, Cool Zone has enjoyed a special relationship with Coca-Cola.
Coca-Cola with 18.5 billion in sales, the Cool Zone technology merited inclusion in its Annual Report. After Coca-Cola introduced the concept of its Coca Cola Cool Zones, it invested funds needed to hold the prototype hard surface unit. Coca-Cola then shipped the unit to Houston for testing under extreme conditions of heat and humidity. After the success of the test, Coca-Cola purchased 14 hard structure Cool Zone misting structures for use in theme parks in the United States and Canada. Coca-Cola has paid Cool Zone $52,000 for each hard structure. In addition, they had invested approximately $100,000 per location on decorating and site preparation. Coca Cola Far East and Coca Cola south Pacific have each ordered the same hard structure misting station for Singapore and Sydney, respectively. Portable inflatable misting structures have been purchased by Coca-Cola Philippines, Coca-Cola Vietnam, Coca-Cola Brazil, Coca-Cola Gorky Park and Coca-Cola Uzbekistan.
Cool Zone represented Coca-Cola’s major activity in their hometown during the Olympics in Atlanta. Coca-Cola continues to provide Cool Zone with instant credibility and recognition.

Cool Zone can enhance your cooling experience with misting systems in the common areas, dining areas, walkways, and entryways. The refreshing high-pressure misting can keep patron’s cooler, allowing them to stay longer and come back more often as more than just a source of entertainment, but a true escape into the world you have designed. Integrating Cool Zone misting systems enhances the existing interactive displays with Cool Zone’s atmospheric effects officially closes the door to the outside and allows each of your guests the exact kind of treat they visited the theme park.