Cool Zone Cannabis Misting

Cool Zone understands the major challenge it is to make optimum conditions for cannabis. However Cool Zone can design, build, and install a high-pressure misting system to provide cooling or add humidification to eliminate odors and pests while sanitizing or even disinfectant in the room,
Cool Zone is committed to helping provide an environment where cannabis plants can thrive. Ideal growing conditions lead to healthy cannabis plants and a higher yield, which translates to more revenue for growers.

Cannabis production has the same issues as growing and plants indoor or in greenhouses. The environment produces a variety of humidity and temperature variations. For example, low humidity levels can lead to spider mites in the facility.

Too high of temperature can reduce plant health and production. Cool Zone lowers temperatures and induces humidity creating the best growing conditions.

Proper sanitation procedures are also crucial to growing conditions. Certain microbial life forms pose various risks to plant and human health. The elimination of mold and mildew is particularly essential, as spores spread very quickly from plant to plant, dispersing and settling on whatever surfaces they can, potentially destroying a crop.

Cool Zone’s high-pressure cannabis misting systems can provide remarkably effective, ecofriendly solutions to these growing problems in today’s cannabis facilities.