Cool Zone Restaurant Misting

Cool Zone has built, designed, installed multiple restaurant patio misting systems. Cool Zone provides the outdoor cooling in dining areas that allow the tables to be full of patrons that increases the restaurant’s revenue. Extending dining areas in from indoors to outdoor cooling areas during hot temperatures allows restaurants to generate an increased revenue base that is less seasonal. Adding in Cool Zone restaurant misting systems is a great way to accomplish this goal and enhance revenue for the business.
In addition, restaurant misting systems can ne used as a beacon of outdoor cooling that freely advertises the business and attracts passersby. In many areas of the country outdoor misting systems can be used to help accommodate smokers in non-dining areas.

Utilizing patio misting systems can lengthen or even maintain existing peak periods for optimal table turn-over rates while giving your guests the subtle statement that you have carefully considered every detail of comfort.
The result to installing a Cool Zone restaurant misting system is to entice returning patrons who are critical source of consistent revenue for a restaurant. Patrons return when they have had an exceptional experience and a restaurant misting system will allow for an atmosphere is a huge component of guest comfort. The food and service can be outstanding, but if a guest is physically uncomfortable, due to the heat, the restaurant experience will go from being excellent to non-satisfactory.

Cool Zone restaurant misting systems are designed to enhance you are the experience by providing exceptional patio misting and outdoor cooling.