Explosion-Proof Fan for Hazardous Environments

Gas and dust ignition are a hazard in many industrial environments. With a portable explosion-proof misting fan can reduce the risk and make the work environment safer. Cool Zone’s  Explosion-Proof Misting Fan is designed for notoriously hazardous environments such as chemical, energy and pharmaceutical production facilities where the risk of spark or flame propagation is high.



The Cool Zone industrial misting fan features extremely reliable components.
These explosion proof misting fans include:

  • An explosion-proof pump
  • An explosion-proof motor
  • Spark-resistant plastic blades
  • A 12-nozzle ring with 3 built-in misting zones.
  • Durable, rust-proof aluminum casing

The Misting Fan can be easily adjusted to adapt the misting system to environmental requirements. It is also protected against aggressive compounds, so it can be operated in harsh environments and provide lasting and reliable performance.

In addition, the fan includes a convenient wheeled base. Therefore, it can be easily relocated and positioned as needed to provide optimal protection and comfort.

Class 1, Division 1 Rated

There is perhaps no harsher environment than in the oil exploration industry. Our industrial misting fan has been installed on oil rigs in hot, humid areas such as the Gulf of Mexico. Here, workers endure extremely hot temperatures, so a misting fan can provide relief while addressing flammable gas vapors.

Since the Cool Zone’s Explosion-Proof Misting Fan is Class 1, Division 1 rated, it meets the safety requirements of oil rig environments. For one application, we built a fan with a stainless-steel body. It also integrated a 30-inch fan head and enclosed 1,000 psi pump.

A significant advantage of the Cool Zone Explosion Proof Misting Fan is the small footprint and portable design make our explosion-proof fan ideal for extreme environments such as oceanic oil rigs.

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