supremeSchwank Overhead Outdoor Patio Heaters – Single Stage


Single Stage

  • 23,000 Btuh [ Length: 30.5″ ]
  • 35,000 Btuh [ Length: 43.5″ ]

The supremeSchwank is available in a single stage model and a 2-stage model allowing for a high or low heat setting to make your customers more comfortable.

Available Color: Black

316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Lens has Black Emissive Coating
All Stainless Steel Construction – BEST for Salt-Air Coastal Regions

NOTE: 316 grade stainless steel lens does not oxidize even in harsh environments – lens is black emissive coated.



  • Remote – Feel free to walk around the patio and control up to 4 heaters or 4 zones with this wireless remote
  • Patio Panel – This panel mounts directly onto your wall to easily control all of your patio heaters from one place
  • Single Switch – Control any 2-stage heater with this switch or 1 zone of up to 4 heaters


  • INPUT:  35,00
  • MODEL#:  2313

Additional information

Add up to (8) Fans Per Pump

(1) Misting fan, (2) Misting Fans, (3) Misting fan, (4) Misting Fans, (5) Misting fan, (6) Misting Fans, (7) Misting fan, (8) Misting Fans