Rental: 24″ Sideline CoolZone Misting Fan

The Cool Zone™ 24″ and 30″ High-Pressure Misting Fans are the Misting Fans we have sold to countless NFL and NCAA programs and uses for its rentals for the NFL and NCAA sidelines. Almost every NFL team has felt the comfort and refreshing mist of Cool Zone misting fans behind the bench on the sideline. These fans were used on sidelines for the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers at the 2013 Super Bowl, and also at the 2013 NCAA championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

Cool Zone has designed and developed their misting fans to be easy to assemble, use and transport. The units are made out of aluminum, which makes them strong and durable, as well as lightweight. These fans consist of three pieces: the misting fan head, the aluminum post and the solid aluminum base. The three pieces then snap-together easily, without any need for tools, making them very portable.


The aluminum base of the misting fans is perfectly symmetric, allowing for solid placement on the sidelines. The oscillating misting fan heads are manufactured in both 24” and 30” diameter sizes. (The 24” unit is used by the majority of football teams.) The face of the misting fans has a stainless steel ring attached to it, with eight (8) high pressure nozzles. The aluminum pole was made so that the misting fan head is at a level of five and a half feet. This height has proven to be ideal for maximum cooling from behind the benches. The misting fan heads can be adjusted to tilt upwards or downwards.

“For over a decade, we have been using Cool Zone on our sidelines. We are happy and pleased to have purchased the new Cool Zone professional sideline Misting Fan Systems as they cool down the temperature to keep our athletes comfortable and avoid heat exhaustion. What’s even more important is that enhanced our player’s performance which gives us a competitive advantage. These new Misting Fans are easy to use, east to transport and easy to maneuver. Cool Zone helps take care of our team.”

Brad Mellon
Head Trainer
Cleveland Browns