Rental: 30″ CoolZone “Work Zone” Misting Fan

Stay cool and suppress dust & smoke with our flash evaporation cooling system. The Cool Zone™ Work Zone misting fan creates a very fine misting vapor (or fog) which through complete evaporation are capable of reducing temperature in the immediate area by up to 30° even in direct sunlight.

The Cool Zone Work Zone Misting Fan is built to be dependable and long lasting. Made from high quality materials and high performance pumps and motors. The patented no-drip nozzles prevent wasting water while the pump is not running.


These High-Pressure Misting Fans cool 12,000 cubic feet of air per minute. 8-nozzle units work for most applications. 12-nozzle units create a clean not wetting cooling mist for users.

The Driving force of this industrial grade 30” Misting Fans is the industrial high quality high-pressure pump that operates at 1000 psi.. They run independently with or without satellites, which can be placed up to 100 feet away from a pump. 

Inner nozzle ring(s), on the fans, have cut-off valves, so that you may use less nozzles at any given time. Each ring contains 4 nozzles. Nozzles are stainless steel with anti-drip mechanisms, which close after pressure drops too much. Anti-drip mechanisms also help to prevent nozzles from sucking dust into the system, when water is drained out of the pump.

These high grade 30” Misting Fans have been used by industrial and commercial applications across the country. Customers include steel mills, factories, forging mills, aluminum plants to anywhere a tough durable effective large Misting Fan is necessary.