High Pressure Misting Tent


Cool Zone™ builds High-Pressure Misting tents in any size or configuration for any special event or occasion. Cool Zone can retro-fit a high-pressure misting system inside the tents you already own and make them into High-Pressure Misting Tents.

Call or email to learn more about building a custom High-Pressure Misting Tent or to retro-fit with a misting system to make your tent into a High-Pressure Misting Tent.

Operating at 1000 PSI



  • (1) Misting tent
  • (14) High pressure misting nozzles
  • (1) High pressure misting pump
  • (75) High pressure misting line

Cool Zone Misting Tents is delivered fully assembled, ready for use, and tested for quality control. Simply remove tent from box, connect tent by QD to misting pump and stay cool!