Cool Zone Disinfectant Misting Systems

The management at Cool Zone understands that during these difficult times of Covid-19 that all Americans must work together to get through this epidemic. Cool Zone proudly supplies its misting systems to many industries impacted by Cov-19. During this crisis we will continue to focus our efforts on providing the best misting solutions to our customers and to the community at large.

Cool Zone designs, builds and installs professional high-pressure misting/fogging delivery systems that can be used in the to spray disinfectant misting products. Cool Zone sells a variety of different methods to deliver this mist, depending upon the customer needs. Our products are made from stainless steel, using corrosion resistant nylon and copper lines. Our 1000 psi high-pressure pump pushes water and other liquids through small orifices, that turn the mist into a fog which results in “flash” evaporates. Due to the rapid evaporation of the liquids, wetness is practically eliminated, leaving just a small film of product on the surface.

Cool Zone can set up these disinfectant misting systems throughout facilities, warehouses, club houses, food processing plants and any industrial or commercial application, Cool Zone uses sensors and timers for the automated distribution of mist. The misting systems can be as simple as pushing a button and the misting is started until the button is pushed again to stop it. Also Cool Zone has  extensive experience at maintaining humidity levels at desired levels by adjusting the misting so that it turns on and off at specific times or conditions.

Cool Zone uses injectors to place chemicals into our delivery systems and sprays with properly sized nozzles. In almost all cases we dilute the product with water, however we have used product with no dilatation that injects directly through the high-pressure pumps.

Cool Zone can install overhead systems, or wall mounted throughout the facility. Alternatively, we can provide portable misting fans that can be used to disinfect specific areas.

We can use the disinfectant product that you can supply, or we can suggest a disinfectant provided by company that we work with that has an FDA environmentally approved product.

Cool Zone Products for Disinfectant Misting:

  1. High-Pressure Stainless-Steel Misting Systems

    Cool Zone misting system delivers the liquid by pump at 1000 psi.  through specific size nozzles that effectively delivers the disinfecting product. The high-pressure misting line consists of 316 stainless steel, with stainless steel fitting and unions. The nozzles can have an orifice size between .008 and .020 depending on the application. These nozzles can be stainless steel with anti-drip bodies or brass.

    These misting systems can be installed overhead in a factory and automated by zone to turn on at specific times or under specific conditions, or by simply pushing and on and off button or switch.


  • High Pressure Misting Fans:

    Cool Zone High Pressure Misting Fans can either be hooked up to a water/substance supply system or injector that pushes the liquid though the stainless-steel nozzles. These misting fans operate at 1000 psi. They also push the product through nozzle orifices which creates flash evaporation.

Cool Zone also carries a Cool Caddie High Pressure Misting Fan with a tank to place disinfectant before misting the area. These misting fans have been enhanced using Viton seals for chemical use. 

Cool Zone also sells and install wall mounted misting fans, overhead misting fans as well as portable misting fans.

  • Inflatable Misting Systems:

    Cool Zone makes inflatable misting systems have misting nozzles strategically placed throughout the interior with an aim to spray down everyone that walks through the mist. These inflatables are connected to a high-pressure pump operating at 1000 psi and can be hooked to an injector that feeds the high-pressure pump.
  • Misting Tents, Misting Stations and Misting Trailers

    Misting Tents can be placed be easily placed at any location and for any activity. Cool Zone supplies misting tents in any size but the most popular is a 10’ by 10’ model. These misting tents operate at 1000 psi and can be turned on and off at the misting pump or remotely.

    Misting Stations have spray nozzles placed inside them and turn on and off when someone or something enters the misting station. These misting stations are connected to a high-pressure pump, operating at 1000 psi which can use injectors when necessary.

    Misting Trailers are totally independent misting systems. Cool Zone sells them in configurations of 3 Misting Fans, 4 Misting Fans and 6 Misting Fans. They come with high pressure pump operating at 1000 psi, 250-gallon water tank and a quiet generator.
  • High-Pressure Pumps:

Cool Zone uses direct drive misting pumps with high output misting for any continuous operation or activity. They have been used in the past at restaurants and events and even for locations where odor and dust control in large areas where needed.

Additional features and options:

Cool Zone can substitute quiet pulley belt units which work better in more confined spaces with less tolerance for noise.

Cool Zone high pressure pump units have UL recognized components, including a safety switch for automatic power-down when water supply is low. Both unit types also have thermal and short circuit protection to prevent from overloading a breaker circuit.

Cool Zone high pressure pumps come in a variety of electrical configurations from the 115v single phase to 460v three phases with a relay and dual filter to prolong the life of the unit.

These pumps are generally used to separate mist zones. For example, if you have four patios and only need to mist one at a time, these pumps can adjust speeds, depending upon the demand of mist needed in each area. If there are six misting fans and you only want to mist to two fans, the pump system will slow down and only provide misting to only those two fans.

Cool Zone also supplies VFD pumps can be built with electric valves that can be switched remotely from wherever you would prefer to control the system.

High pressure ball valves can also be used for manually creating zones near the pump or area where the mist is needed.

Cool Zone cooling the world since 1994.