Misting Fan Rentals

You can rent misting fans for a variety of reason from keeping patrons cool at sporting events to keeping family comfortable in their patio or backyard, These misting fans can be rented at rock and country  concerts and outdoor church services or any event that needs outdoor cooling .  Cool Zone has set up Misting Fans at large gathering across the country including convention centers and at fair and festivals and along with special events like the Olympics and World Cup.

Cool Zone a large inventory of misting fans ready for rent across the country. We rent our football sideline Work Zones, portable Cool Caddies, mobile Handimists along with industrial fans, misting system, misting tents, and misting trailers.  Cool Zone rents Misting Fans and products that are the most advanced, durable, and high-performance portable misting systems on the market today. Our Misting Fans have been used at the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and at the  NCAA championship game along with distribution center, theme parks, outdoor rentals event, automotive service centers and many outdoor events where a solution to the heat an issue is renting misting fans.

Renting Misting Fans is best choice at ant event for keeping cool and safe even in the hottest days of summer’s heat. Call Cool Zone at 949-500–9390 to discuss how to keep cool your next special event.