Misting System Applications

Misting systems, including residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications, are custom designed.  Using minimal amounts of water, Cool Zone misting systems are site-specific and professionally installed.  Using high-quality, long lasting industrial-grade equipment, Cool Zone can install misting systems that last. 

Applications for Misting Systems include:

  • Climate control: controls temperature, humidity and air movement for optimal comfort, or manufacturing conditions
  • Temperature control, both inside and out: Misting systems can reduce the ambient temperature by up to 30 degrees.
  • Humidification: By controlling the amount of moisture in the air, high-quality manufacturing requirements can be met and sustained, improving production and ROI.
  • Dust Control: Like humidification, dust control is critical to specialized manufacturing and industrial environments.
  • Livestock care: Cooling livestock, including but not limited to dairy herds, poultry and rabbits improves productivity, ultimately improving the bottom line.
  • Festival and entertainment events: Large events and festivals can be challenged when the temperatures rise, impacting patrons, performers, and staff.  Well-designed and strategically placed misting systems keep temperatures under control and reduce heat-stress illnesses.
  • Odor control: Certain types of industrial process or manufacturing produce unpleasant odors.  Professional misting systems can mitigate those unwanted odors, improving the environment for employees, vendors, and neighbors.

High Pressure Misting Systems use small amounts of water, their appurtenances and overall operational design reduce the probability of water-borne disease such a legionella. The benefits of this type of system include:

  • High-Pressure misting systems atomize at 1,000 psi, creating exceedingly small droplets that are much slower (1000-l) and almost immediately evaporate; avoiding skin contact.
  • This “flash evaporation” reduces the ambient temperature by 20 to 25 degrees.
  • Unlike portable or home-improvement grade misting systems, High-Press Misting Systems are tankless using a direct connection from your municipal water source.  This ensures you a fresh water supply, eliminating the worry of stagnation, algae or other viral containments found many times in small water tanks.
  • One high-pressure pump can attach to multiple fans from one water source and can be installed in tents, inflatables, outdoor structures, or patios.

Misting systems can be permanently installed or can temporarily deployed.  Using professional grade misting system components, designed specifically for the installation will help avoid performance issues.

Cool Zone has sold, designed, built, and installed multiple industrial high-pressure misting systems into various industrial and manufacturing facilities, restaurants, wineries, hospitality venues, and in exclusive residential applications. Many of these misting systems are fully automated, with controls to turn on the misting for different durations of time in separate zones throughout the facility or location.